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Gift Certificate - Personalized Tree Pictorial

Product Code: b1110

We create an informational color pictorial of any tree of your choice, add your message and immediately email or postal mail it directly to you or your recipient. Hospital Stays (Get Well Soon) - unsure when patient will be released. You make the perfect selection plus any optional accessories and add your personalized message. Click to see a sample: Gift Pictorial Sample Trips and Vacations - unsure of return date. Possible Inclement Weather at Destination. Perfect for when you are uncertain when your recipient can take safe delivery of a live tree - but want to convey your wishes immediately . Moves (Happy Housewarming) - unsure when receipent can accept. Weddings & Honeymoons (Congratulations) - unsure when Bride & Groom will return. Purchase one today, before they all disappear. Examples: You Need Same Day Delivery of a Gift. A Personalized Tree Pictorial Gift Certificate You Customize This is a perfect solution for last minute gift giving or circumstances when immediate delivery is not desired or possible. Relocations and Transfers (Good Luck on the New Job) - unsure when receipent can accept.

Price: $0.00*

10% Discount when you purchase 3 or more live trees! To receive a 10% discount on your purchase of three (3) or more live trees, simply type in the word "tenpercent" in the coupon code field when you checkout. The computer will automatically make the 10% discount adjustment for each tree.

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*Price(s) subject to change. Last updated: 03-30-2012

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